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Spindry is a revolutionary new toilet brush. Spindry gives you the bristle cleaning power you know works, without the dripping mess. A simple squeeze of Spindry’s handle spins its head to hygienically dry the bristles, remove any particles trapped between the bristles, and allow drip-free replacement into its weighted-base canister.

Goodbye drip-dry.<br />A squeeze of Spindry’s handle spins the brush head to quickly dry the bristles, remove trapped particles, and allow drip-free replacement into its canister.<br />A pinch to move.<br />Spindry’s canister can be gripped and moved by squeezing the brush handle so the canister never needs to be touched.<br />No drips. No spills.<br />The slimline canister features a weighted base for stability, making it harder to knock over.<br />Long live the king of spin.<br />Replacement brush heads are available and easily changed over.<br /><br />Care Instructions<br />Dishwasher safe. But as if you would.<br /><br />Product Details<br />Length: 42.5cm / 16.7" <br />Width: 10.5cm / 4.1"<br />Weight: 0.45kg / 0.99lb<br />Materials: Nylon.

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