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Spadle Holey

Spadle Holey

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Holey Spadle is the amazing slotted spoon that turns into a straining ladle and pasta server. As a large slotted spoon it is ideal for scooping and shallow frying, it has tines perfect for serving spaghetti and pasta, and a handle that acts as a built-in spoon rest. A simple twist of Holey Spadle’s handle quickly transforms it into a straining ladle fantastic for fishing out peas or corn from any pot too

Two heads are better than one.<br />Holey Spadle’s handle twists to transform it from a versatile slotted spoon for shallow pans into a straining ladle or pasta server.<br />Serving perfection from peas to pasta.<br />Unique multi-use straining head was specially designed to scoop up small foods such as peas and corn, as well as being perfect for serving spaghetti and noodles.<br />0ne head. Many faces.<br />Nylon straining head is safe to use non-stick cookware and heat resistant to 205°C/400°F making it great for shallow frying.<br />Ahead of the curve.<br />Benches and counters stay clean and food hygienic thanks to the unique bend in Holey Spadle’s handle design which sits its head up and off your bench.<br /><br />Care Instructions<br />Non-stick safe nylon is heat resistant up to 200°C/392°F.<br />Dishwasher safe.<br /><br />Product Details<br />Length: 33.5cm / 13.2"<br />Width: 8cm / 3.1"<br />Weight: 0.12kg / 0.26lb<br />Materials: Nylon.

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