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Set of BBQ Grill Tools

Set of BBQ Grill Tools

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Set of BBQ Grill Tools is a premium collection of tools with a magnetic holder that opens bottles and catches the caps.

What’s in the box?<br />1 x Brizzle XL  –  silicone basting brush<br />1 x BBQ Clongs – click lock tongs<br />1 x Chopula XL – flexible chopping spatula<br />1 x Tool holder – magnetic holder and bottle opener<br /><br />This is a hold up.<br />Tool holder uses heavy duty magnets to stick for convenient and space saving storage of grill tools.<br />Quite the catch.<br />Built-in bottle opener features additional strong magnet to catch bottle caps.<br />Brizzle XL<br />A silicone basting brush that scoops up sauce, drizzles to baste on or off the grill, and sits up with no drips.<br />BBQ Clongs.<br />Tongs that open or lock closed with the click of a button, prick sausages, scrape, and sit up off your bench.<br />Chopula XL<br />A flexible stainless steel spatula that is serrated for cutting, scrapes your BBQ clean, and sits up.<br /><br />Care Instructions<br />Dishwasher safe.<br /><br />Product Details<br />Materials: LFGB silicone, Nylon, Stainless Steel<br />

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