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Ortwo + Extra Jar Set

Ortwo + Extra Jar Set

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Ortwo is the world’s first pepper mill to combine the convenience of one-handed spice grinding, with the extra speed, ease, and an unmatched output of two. Ortwo’s custom designed, ultra-sharp ceramic.

Look Mum, two hands!<br />Ortwo's handles squeeze together for convenient and easy one-handed operation, as well as open apart for significantly increased output when operated with two hands.<br />A mill for all seasons.<br />Ultra-sharp custom ceramic mechanism will never rust, and is fully adjustable with 6 grind settings from super-fine to coarse, and can be used for grinding all types of spices and seeds.<br />Done but never dusted.<br />Ortwo rests on your table or worktop without making a mess thanks to its angled cylinder design and innovative crumb-catching lip.<br />Easy fill, all spice mill.<br />Clear glass spice jar, which makes it easy to see how much is left, has been tempered for strength, and sits flat for easy refilling into its wide-mouth opening.<br />Other mills grind our gears.<br />Ortwo's custom ceramic grinding mechanism is made from high quality 95% alumina ceramic so it won’t rust or blunt. Its large diameter allows for a massive output of any spice with ease. Other grinders are smaller so they have a limited output, and will often rust over time.<br /><br />Care Instructions<br />Wooden handles not suitable for dishwasher. Wipe clean only. Glass spice jar dishwasher safe<br /><br />Product Details<br />Length: 14cm / 5.5"<br />Width: 6cm / 2.4"<br />Weight: .328kg / 0.72lb<br />Materials: Beechwood, Ceramic, Zinc, Borosilicate Glass

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