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Ortwo 單手使用香料研磨罐(櫸木款)

Ortwo 單手使用香料研磨罐(櫸木款)

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Ortwo is a spice mill that grinds one-handed or two.

Look Mum, Two Hands!
Ortwo’s handles squeeze together for convenient and easy one-handed operation, as well as open apart for significantly increased output when operated with two hands.

A Mill for All Seasons
Ultra-sharp custom ceramic mechanism will never rust, and is fully adjustable with 6 grind settings from super-fine to coarse, and can be used for grinding all types of spices and seeds.

Done But Never Dusted
Ortwo rests on your table or worktop without making a mess thanks to its angled cylinder design and innovative crumb-catching lip.

Easy Fill, All Spice Mill
Clear glass spice jar, which makes it easy to see how much is left, has been tempered for strength, and sits flat for easy refilling into its wide-mouth opening.

0ther Mills Grind Our Gears
Ortwo’s custom ceramic grinding mechanism is made from high quality 95% alumina ceramic so it won’t rust or blunt. Its large diameter allows for a massive output of any spice with ease. Other grinders are smaller so they have a limited output, and will often rust over time.

Product Details

  • Length:6.8cm / 2.7”
  • Width:14.3cm / 5.6”
  • Weight:0.268kg / 0.59lb
  • Material:Chrome, Plated Zinc, Beech Wood, Ceramic, Nylon

Care Instructions 
Wooden handles not suitable for dishwasher. Wipe clean only. Glass spice jar dishwasher safe.

Ortwo 單手使用香料研磨罐(櫸木款)
是否有過這樣的經驗… 當一隻手握著您喜愛的食物, 卻無法同時撒上自己喜歡的香料,立刻大快朵頤, 是不是讓人氣噗噗?

Ortwo幫您解決這樣的困擾啦!!!不僅僅單手就可以使用, 貼心六種設定, 幫您磨出您喜歡的香料顆粒粗細! 陶瓷材質的研磨刀不生鏽也不腐蝕, 搭配耐熱玻璃的寬口容器瓶身, 讓您隨心所欲的享受研磨香料的樂趣!當然, 您想要雙手使用Ortwo也是沒問題的!


  • 尺寸:L:14cm / 5.5" W:6cm / 2.4"
  • 重量:0.155kg / 0.34lb
  • 材質: 陶瓷 / 耐熱玻璃 / 不銹鋼 / 山毛櫸木 /鍍鉻 / 鋅合金
  • 容量: 4oz (60ml)

木柄不適用於洗碗機。 只能擦拭乾淨。 玻璃香料罐可用洗碗機清洗。


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