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Mini Chopula 小型彈力料理鏟

Mini Chopula 小型彈力料理鏟

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Mini Chopula
Mini Chopula is a flexible cookie turner that slices into the corners of brownie pans.

Brownie Points
Mini Chopula’s small, flexible head easily slides under food for a clean lift, making it perfect for cookies, eggs, and brownies.

Made to Cut Corners
Angled handle and multicurved head reach every corner of any pan or tray, while keeping your hand away from food and heat.

Slick on non-stick
Durable, heat resistant nylon head can be used on any surface, without scratching non-stick cookware.

Self-raising Power
The clever bend in Mini Chopula’s handle sits the head up to keep your counters clean and germ-free.

Product Details 

  • Length:23.6cm / 9.3”
  • Weight:0.03kg / 0.07lb
  • Material:Nylon

Care Instructions
Heat resistant up to 250°C/480°F, Dishwasher safe

Mini Chopula 小型彈力料理鏟
Mini Chopula 小型彈力料理鏟 - 小巧靈活的頭部可輕鬆滑入食物下方,輕鬆提起,非常適合餅乾、雞蛋和核仁巧克力餅。


  • 2011 年德國紅點設計獎得主
  • 鏟面彈性絕佳:輕鬆將食物翻面,煎出完美的荷包蛋、魚排
  • 獨特形狀產面:烹飪過程中,不費吹呼之力切開鍋裡的食物
  • 特殊設計把守:立起的鏟面不弄髒料理台或桌面
  • 鏟面邊緣圓弧設計:鍋內食物、醬汁刮的乾乾淨淨不浪費


  • 尺寸: 23.6cm / 9.3”
  • 重量:70 公克
  • 耐熱度:攝氏 250 度 (可使用洗碗機清洗)
  • 材質:尼龍
  • 不含 BPA
  • 顏色:黑、紅、橘、黃、綠、藍、紫


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