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Mel Coffee Roasters

Mel Coffee COLOMBIA El OSO - Medium Dark

Mel Coffee COLOMBIA El OSO - Medium Dark

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味道:Chocolate, Almond, Hints of citrus

農場:Small farmers in the San Agustin area

地區:Huila, San Agustin



品種:Castillo, Colombia, Caturra



材質:100% 咖啡豆




Taste: Chocolate, Almond, Hints of citrus

Farm: Small farmers in the San Agustin area

Region: Huila, San Agustin

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1,730m

Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Process: Washed

Roast: medium dark roast

Material: 100% coffee beans

Weight: 200g

Roasted date: March 10, 2024

Baking place: Japan

位於大阪心齋橋徒步只需數分鐘的西區新町,踏入街頭已能聞到那香濃的咖啡氣味。這裡有間只有百餘呎的咖啡店,被國際知名旅遊網站 Big 7 Travel,選為《The 50 Best Coffee Shops In The World》第3名與《The 50 Best Coffee Shops in Asia》第2名,這間小店名為Mel Coffee Roasters。店內沒有座位,只擺放了翻新的 1968 Probat L5 和 1960 UG15 烘焙機及一張吧台。如果想來這裡愜意品嚐一杯優質咖啡的朋友,你只能坐在門外的兩個長板凳上打卡品嚐。不過,雖然位子很少,但品質跟人情味絕對不少!

國外旅遊網站Big 7 Travel提到,Mel的咖啡有著來自墨爾本烘焙風味⋯⋯一旦試過它的咖啡,你這輩子就注定離不開它了,因為這裡可是亞洲最棒的咖啡勝地。Mel的老闆Masahiko Fumimoto和老闆娘都曾在澳洲墨爾本工作,Masahiko Fumimoto在澳洲旅居時,被墨爾本名店Brother Baba Budan的一杯拿鐵所驚豔,香濃的滋味讓他無法忘懷,當下深深地被咖啡的一切所吸引,從此踏進咖啡領域。

Located in Nishi-ku Shinmachi, just a few minutes' walk from Osaka's Shinsaibashi, you can already smell the aroma of coffee as you step onto the street. There is a coffee shop here that is only over 100 square feet. It was selected as the 3rd place in "The 50 Best Coffee Shops In The World" and the 2nd place in "The 50 Best Coffee Shops in Asia" by the internationally renowned travel website Big 7 Travel. A small shop called Mel Coffee Roasters. There are no seats in the store, only refurbished 1968 Probat L5 and 1960 UG15 roasters and a bar. If you want to come here and enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee, you can only sit on the two long benches outside the door to check in and taste it. However, although there are few seats, there is definitely a lot of quality and human touch!

Foreign travel website Big 7 Travel mentioned that Mel’s coffee has a roasted flavor from Melbourne... Once you try its coffee, you are destined to be unable to live without it in your life, because this is the best coffee destination in Asia. Mel’s boss Masahiko Fumimoto and his wife both worked in Melbourne, Australia. When Masahiko Fumimoto was living in Australia, he was amazed by a cup of latte from Brother Baba Budan, a famous store in Melbourne. The fragrant taste made him unforgettable, and he was deeply attracted by the coffee. Attracted by everything, I entered the field of coffee.

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