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Knibble. The non-stick cheese knife that slices, spreads, and even forks to serve your nibbles.

Never a sticky situation.<br />Knibble’s unique barbed blade creates air pockets to stop cheese from sticking.<br />Forking brilliant.<br />Stainless steel forks are perfect for serving and don’t extend beyond the profile of the blade for safety.<br />All spread and done.<br />Rounded top edge of blade spreads without tearing up bread and scrapes every last bit from plastic containers without scratching them.<br />It don’t get cheddar than this.<br />Durable forks and plastic blade stay sharp and will never rust.<br /><br />Care Instructions<br />Wooden handle not suitable for dishwasher. Hand wash only.<br /><br />Product Details<br />Length: 23cm / 9.1"<br />Width: 4cm / 1.6"<br />Weight: .031kg / 0.07lb<br />Materials: Beechwood and Nylon

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