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Kneed is an everyday knife that cuts, spreads, and will never rust in the dishwasher.

Why We Made This? 
Kneed is just the knife you need. This everyday hero cuts, spreads, scoops, and will never rust in the dishwasher. It has a razor-sharp chef’s blade on one side, a brilliant spreader on the other, and a clever plastic wrap cutter built into the wide-mouth sheath. Kneed’s unique blade tip lets you scrape everything out of a container without scratching it or tearing your bread like a pointed knife. Its stainless steel blade has been titanised so it will never rust, and has no coating to chip off. Kneed is also the perfect avocado tool – cut it open and remove the avocado pit with Kneed’s sharp side, then flip it over and use the spreading side to slice, scoop, and spread. Boom!

Product Details

  • Length:23.2cm / 9.1”
  • Width:3.5cm / 1.4”
  • Weight:0.057kg / 0.13lb
  • Material:Titanized Stainless Steel, Polypropylene

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe.

Kneed 是一把日常使用的刀,可以切開、展開並且在洗碗機中永遠不會生鏽。

Kneed 正是您需要的刀。 這個日常英雄可在洗碗機中切割、攤開、舀取並且永遠不會生鏽。 它的一側有一個鋒利的廚師刀片,另一側有一個出色的擴張器,以及一個內置在寬口護套中的巧妙的保鮮膜切割器。 Kneed 獨特的刀尖讓您可以從容器中刮出所有東西,而不會像尖刀那樣刮傷或撕裂麵包。 它的不銹鋼刀片經過鍍鈦處理,因此永遠不會生鏽,並且沒有可以剝落的塗層。 Kneed 也是完美的鱷梨工具——用 Kneed 鋒利的一面將其切開並去除鱷梨果核,然後將其翻轉過來並使用展開的一面進行切片、挖取和展開。 


  • 長度:23.2 厘米 / 9.1 英寸
  • 寬度圖標寬度:3.5cm / 1.4”
  • 重量圖標重量:0.057kg / 0.13lb
  • 材料圖標材料:鍍鈦不銹鋼,聚丙烯


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