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Final Touch®

Hand-Cut On The Rock Glass 5 Piece Set

Hand-Cut On The Rock Glass 5 Piece Set

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FINAL TOUCH -  Hand-Cut On The Rock Glass 5 Piece Set
Traditionally scent, temperature, and taste were the keys to drinking scotch or whiskey. This glass brings two new elements, chilling & motion, to the tasting experience. The elegant design of the glass allows you to roll the ice ball around the ROCK peak with a simple & easy motion. The rolling motion of the ice ball will chill your drink while stimulating the senses. See how chilling & motion take your drinking experience to the next level.
  • Final Touch’s special way to enjoy "on the rocks".
  • ON THE ROCK: The bottom of the glass has our ROCK which creates a natural liquid motion increasing the nosing of aromas.
  • ROLLING: The shape of the glass makes rolling easy without spilling. A slight hand movement rolls the ice ball around the ROCK evenly and cools your favourite scotch, whiskey or liquor to perfection.
  • GLASS PATTERN: Each On The Rock Glass features a Japanese inspired Yarai pattern that is cut and polished by hand.
  • 2" ICE BALL: Fill the included silicone mould to fill line and put in the freezer to make a single solid ice ball that outlasts traditional ice cubes.
  • Patented glass design

Includes Glass Measuring Jigger

  • Marked with oz & ml increments
  • Spout provides easy pouring without messy drips
  • Made with heavy thick walled glass
  • Japanese style Yarai weave-pattern
  • 3.4oz  / 100ml cap.


香氣、溫度和味道是品嚐 Scotch 和 Whiskey 時缺一不可。Final Touch 這款酒杯以搖滾的特別方式為品酒加入冷卻和滾動兩個新元素。這酒杯設計優美,讓你簡單一個手持酒杯頂部作輕搖的動作已能轉動冰球。冰球的滾動能於刺激感官的同時冷卻飲料,把你的品酒體驗帶到更高層次。

  • ON THE ROCK:酒杯的底部有個往內突起的設計,能令冰球轉動從而製造出自然的液體流動,帶來香氣
  • 冰球:把水填滿至矽膠模內的橫線位,再放進冰箱裡,便能輕易造出傳統冰塊
  • 滾動:酒杯的形狀能防止飲料溢出,令滾動變得容易。一個微小的手部動作就能把冰球繞著杯底突起處滾動,均勻冷卻杯中的 Scotch、Whiskey 或其他飲料
  • 可容納237ml飲料
  • 酒杯尺寸:9cm(L) x 9cm(W) x 9cm(H)
  • 冰球模:以不含BPA及持有食品認證的矽膠製造
  • 可置於洗碗碟機頂架清洗
  • 加拿大設計


  • 擁有 oz(安士)和 ml(毫升)兩種標示,方便跟據食譜進行測量
  • 出水口易於傾倒,不會有倒掛水
  • 由重身厚玻璃製造
  • 日式 Yarai 編織圖案
  • 容量為100ml毫升
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