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Dreamfarm - Little Helper Buddle Set

Dreamfarm - Little Helper Buddle Set

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Dreamfarm - Little Helper Buddle Set
(Brizzle + Knibble Lite + Sharple)

Brizzle 矽膠塗抹刷
Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop, drizzles to baste, and sits up.
Brizzle 是一款矽膠塗抹刷,可彎曲以舀起,滴下以塗抹,然後立起。

Knibble Lite 不沾黏萬用刀
Knibble Lite The non-stick cheese knife that slices, spreads, and even forks to serve your nibbles.
榮獲GOOD DESIGN AWARD 切不粘 輕鬆分享奶酪,可以切片、塗抹,甚至可以用叉子為您的小點心服務。 可放入洗碗機消洗。

Sharple 保持鋒利的安全削皮器
Sharple is a peeler that automatically sharpens itself every time its cover is opened or closed.

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