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Brizzle 矽膠塗抹刷

Brizzle 矽膠塗抹刷

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Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop, drizzles to baste, and sits up.

Brizzle is a silicone basting brush that bends to scoop up 1 tbsp of liquid (ahem – that’s the equivalent of 15 bristle dips) from hard-to-reach places, drizzles to baste, and sits up off your bench with no drips. Brizzle’s cup shaped head, folds back to fit into small spaces and scoops up 1tbsp of your baste without tilting your heavy baking dish or tray. The 4 holes inside Brizzle’s head control the release of your baste, oil, or egg wash onto its bristles, for fast and efficient basting. Brizzle’s 100 soft, silicone bristles (yes, we counted them) are non-stick safe, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F.

Product Details 
Length Icon Length: 27.9cm / 11”
Width Icon Width: 3.4cm / 1.3”
Weight Icon Weight: 0.07kg / 0.15lb
Material Icon Material: Nylon, Silicone

Brizzle 是一款矽膠塗抹刷,可彎曲以舀起,滴下以塗抹,然後立起。

Brizzle 是一種矽膠塗抹刷,可以彎曲以從難以到達的地方舀起 1 湯匙液體(咳咳 - 這相當於 15 次刷毛浸漬),細雨塗抹,然後從長凳上坐起來,沒有滴水。 Brizzle 的杯形頭部向後折疊以適應小空間,並舀起 1 湯匙您的醬汁,而不會傾斜您沉重的烤盤或託盤。 Brizzle 頭部內的 4 個孔可控制將您的黃油、油或蛋液釋放到其刷毛上,以實現快速高效的塗抹。 Brizzle 的 100 根柔軟矽膠刷毛(是的,我們數過它們)不粘鍋,可用於洗碗機,耐熱溫度高達 260°C / 500°F。

長度圖標長度:27.9 厘米/11 英寸
寬度圖標寬度:3.4 厘米/1.3 英寸
重量圖標重量:0.07 千克/0.15 磅

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