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Barista Pro Milk Pitcher X Dhan Tamang - Gold

Barista Pro Milk Pitcher X Dhan Tamang - Gold

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Barista& Co. x Dhan Tamang - Core Milk Pitcher
Milk Pitcher Jug

The Barista Essential
All good baristas and coffee lovers need a go to milk pitcher that is accurate, durable and hard-wearing no matter what it is being used for and the Core Milk Pitcher doesn't disappoint. The new Core Pitcher has been upgraded with an array of new features and keeps its good looks. Our small milk frothing jug (420ml) is ideal for intricate latte art, making one drinks worth of steamed milk at a time for excellent precision.

Durable and Dishwasher Safe
the milk pitcher coating is tough titanium that protects from knocks and the internal medical grade 304 stainless steel is rust resistant and won't chip when used with a steam wand.

Ergonomic, Hygienic and Safe
the full laser welded handle eliminates un-washable crevices and is ergonomically designed to feel natural in the hand while pouring and has ample space to prevent the fingers touching the main body while in use

Trusted by Professionals
the Core milk frothing jugs are trusted by hundreds of coffee shops and professionals globally as they offer a lightweight body (0.7mm) with a precision pour as manufacturing jigs are used to weld the handle straight every time ensuring a straight pour for latte art

Accurate Serving
the internal measure marks allow the correct amount of milk to be measured which reduces wastage and provides a guide to the correct milk and micro foam volume for cappuccino, latte, flat white or any other milky coffee


  • 精確沖調 - 這款奶壺設計旨在確保壺嘴與手柄完美對齊,從而為你提供精確而平衡的傾倒
  • 堅固耐用 - 使用1mm厚度的304不銹鋼生產,同時達到醫用級別和食品安全級別,可承受重負荷,可作頻繁使用
  • 易於清潔 - 拉絲鋼非常容易擦拭乾淨,但僅限手洗,不適合使用洗碗碟機清洗
  • 容量測量 - 奶壺內有以500ml為上限的刻度,並以20ml為增量,確保咖啡製作的準確性,並減少浪費
  • 更好的微泡 - 奶壺的輪廓和略微凸起的底部經過精心設計,可在沖調時促進牛奶的流動,從而幫助您製造出完美的微泡
  • 專業人士的選擇 - 這款不銹鋼奶壺在全球數百家特色咖啡店中都有使用,它是用來沖調 Cappuccinos、Lattes、Macchiatos 和 Flat Whites 的理想工具
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